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Thu, July 18

Is your Cow Delivering the Goods?

Kim Ades

I was in the car with Ferne, my nearly 14-year-old daughter, and we were talking about the very unique relationship that she has with her 4 brothers and Allan, the men in the house.

Ferne: It's hard to talk to the boys.

Me: Why is that?

Ferne: They just aren't very good listeners.

Me: You are right, they aren't always the best listeners, but just because they don't listen well, doesn't mean that they aren't good people.

Ferne: How can you say that?

Me: Well, let's take Allan as an example. Whenever you need anything from Allan, he's there. If you need a lift, he's there. If you need a book, he finds it for you. If you need forms filled out, he takes care of it for you. He's a great guy - even if he's not the best listener.

Ferne: That's true.

Me: The problem is that you are expecting to get wine out of a cow. Cows don't deliver wine - they deliver milk and when you expect to get wine but you get milk instead, you get disappointed. Stop expecting to get wine from a cow. Instead, milk the cow, add a little chocolate, and enjoy.

Get off the Couch and Become a Coach!

Davida Ander

Coaching is a wonderful, rewarding career. It is a career that allows you to enrich the lives of others, while enriching your own life. It is a career that is constantly full of excitement and uplifting moments.

If you would like to explore the idea of coaching, you may be interested in Frame of Mind Coaching's brand new certification program. This program combines sales, journal response, and coaching training, and also includes a 1-on-1 coaching component.

Kim will be teaching a "Coach the Coach" in-person group session starting this September. During this 10-week class, participants will learn how to gain valuable information about their clients and help those clients transform with great speed.

To find out more information about FOM Coaching's Certification program, check out:

You can also reach out to Kim at any time to discuss whether this certification program is the right fit for you:


phone: 416-747-6900 ext 221

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