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Thu, September 12

Client Spotlight

Frame of Mind Coaching

What are the top three things you have learned or would like to learn from coaching? What scares you the most about being coached? We ask. You answer.

Over the next few months, we will be highlighting several Frame of Mind Coaching clients in our newsletters, delving into clients' reasons for pursuing coaching, their takeaways from coaching, and what surprised them about the process.

If you are interested in getting interviewed for Client Spotlight, e-mail Davida at

Today's Client Spotlight: David Schnurman

Job: Founder and CEO of FurtherEd, the leading provider of online continuation education for attorneys, accountants and real estate brokers

Coaching period: Two years of coaching with Master Coach Kim Ades

Why David pursued coaching with Frame of Mind Coaching:

I met Kim when she spoke at an Entrepreneurs' Organization forum. Before the forum, I had had an individual call with Kim where she asked me pointed questions about myself and my business. Her questions made me think deeply about myself, and I was very impressed with her presentation at the forum. I came home thinking about pursuing coaching, and began learning more about self-improvement. A few years later I was thinking of hiring a coach and I remembered Kim.

What David Learned from Coaching:

  • It's the little things that matter

Kim helped me realize that when it comes to relationships, my commitment is demonstrated through all of my actions. For example, it's the simple things like cleaning the dishes and getting up in the middle of the night when my child is crying instead of waiting for my wife to do it that help build my marriage. I learned that the little things in the world make the greatest difference. You have to make sure you put the effort in, but it's very easy to do and it has really paid off.

  • The importance of journaling

My favourite part of the coaching process has been journaling. I think journaling is the key to success. Journaling has helped me get my thoughts together and focussed for the future. It was a game-changer in coaching because Kim was always on the same page as me. With journaling, if you can write where you want to go, then you can talk it out to yourself. If you look at most people who are successful, they've done just that.

  • A coach can help you move forward

Coaching helped me become more aware of who I am. I find that you can read a lot and there's really no new information out there. It was really something different to be talking out things with someone as high-level as Kim. Kim helped me look at things in a positive light, and she helped me realize that I generally downplay my abilities, that I am hard on myself. I love the coaching-mentoring aspect. I was able to get actionable steps that I was able to apply to my business and home life. In my professional life, Kim helped me with managing and working with others, especially during my transition from a founder to a CEO. I went through a tough time in my business, and if wasn't for Kim, those three months would have been harder. Coaching helped me get focussed and energized. I even encouraged one of my employees to get coached, and he completed the 10 week Frame of Mind Coaching program and is studying to become a Frame of Mind certified coach.

What was the hardest part of coaching?

The biggest challenge was exposing myself and going deep - to my insecurities and underlying issues, so I could move past those obstacles and grow. It really involved taking the time and energy to understand why I do what I do.

What was surprising about coaching?

I wanted to get a lot of value out of coaching. After our second call, I said to Kim "I feel like I just got my value for the full ten weeks. How are you going to top this now?" Her response was, "The question is, how are YOU going to top that?"

Stop Trash-talking Yourself

Davida Ander

"I should have done this better."

"I'm not good enough."

"I suck."

"I'm so lazy."

"I'm so unproductive."

"I'm having such a bad day."

"I can never win."

"I'm going to fail for sure."

Is this what your self-talk sounds like?

Certain amounts of self-criticism can help motivate you and move you forward, but self-deprecation to this degree is just plain bullying. Here are some ways to reduce your self-sabotage and ultimately reduce your stress levels and increase your mental wellness and health:

1) Write Out your Insulting Remarks

Insulting ourselves is different than getting insulted by someone else. When we are attacked by others, we have the tendency to get defensive and to focus on our positive attributes. When we criticize ourselves, our defences are down and this makes the self-talk even harsher. Writing down your criticism can help you realize how unproductive it is, and it can spark questions like, "Do I really mean this?" "Is this true?" "Would I say this to a good friend?"

2) Challenge your Thinking

We often jump to conclusions, to the very worst-case scenarios. If we've had a bad day at work, had a fight with a loved one, or are just feeling down, our thinking can spin out of control into a downward spiral of self-bashing. Before you criticize yourself, ask yourself these questions: Are these thoughts facts, or are they just interpretations? Am I jumping to conclusions? What are other ways that I can look at the situation?

3) Put things into Perspective

Let's say you blurt out an insensitive comment to a co-worker during a meeting. On the way home from work, all you can think is "I'm done for. He/ she is going to hate me now. I'm going to get fired." Wait a second. The situation is not always as bad as you make it out to be. It can help to ask yourself: "Am I over-exaggerating here?" "What's the very worst thing that could happen?" "How likely is this to happen?"

4) Find a Better Insult

There's a big difference between saying to yourself "I am an idiot" and saying to yourself "I feel like an idiot." Pay attention to how you say things to yourself. Telling yourself that you "feel like an idiot" or "sometimes behave like an idiot" gives you the option to behave differently the next time a similar circumstance is encountered.

5) Remember that you are human

Give yourself a break! Stop being your own worst enemy. Instead of endlessly criticizing yourself, start challenging and changing your self-talk.

Events Calendar

Frame of Mind Coaching

Carry on Harry Talk Show is a global platform for talent. Artists and authors from around the world share their insights and experience on the show each week. Kim will be discussing her book and the phenomenal effects of mindset-based coaching. Her interview with Harry will be posted here on Sunday September 15, 2013.

Success from the Field is a podcast that covers topics relating to all aspects of starting, running and growing a small business. Kim will be appearing on the show to discuss the recipe for success.
Access the podcast Tuesday September 24, 2013 on iTunes or online.

Entrepreneur Adrenaline is a radio show that teaches people who are lost in their business and stuck in a certain gear how to take themselves to the next level. Kim will be appearing on the show and discussing her business tips and personal experience with founding and running Frame of Mind Coaching. Listen to the show here on Wednesday September 25, 2013.

Life Tips is a web-based talk radio show focused on making life better for readers, listeners, writers and businesses. As a guest, Kim will be discussing the power of thoughts- and how picking and choosing these thoughts effects your entire life. The show will air Wednesday October 2, 2013 at 4pm EST. Listeners can tune in from the Life Tips home page. The show will be available on demand later that day on the Life Tips show page. The show is also listed on iTunes, Stitcher, Zune Marketplace or on the WebmasterRadio.FM Mobile App for IPhone and Android smartphones.

Overcoming the Top 5 Challenges of Being Single

Frame of Mind Coaching

Being single can be tough. That's why Adi Tamam, one of our very own Certified Frame of Mind Coaches, is taking a stand for singlehood with a post-Valentine's Day teleseminar "Overcoming the Top 5 Challenges of Being Single."

---> If you have ever questioned why love never seems to work out in your favour - this teleseminar is for you.

---> If you are sick of feeling the pressure to date and be in a relationship - this teleseminar is for you.

---> If you're tired of attending events alone only to watch other couple mingle - this teleseminar is for you.

---> If you're uncomfortable and overwhelmed with dating in the 21st century - this teleseminar is for you.

---> If you have been hurt, battered and bruised by past relationships - this teleseminar is for you.

On Thursday February 20, 2014 at 8 pm EST, Join Adi as she tackles the challenges of singlehood.


Adi Tamam, BA, Licensed Real Estate Representative and Certified Frame of Mind Coach, specializes in working with young professionals who have had substantial career success but struggle to find a relationship that is just as successful. Adi is known for understanding the struggle that many professionals experience in the area of dating and love. She is incredibly skillful at applying the Frame of Mind Coaching method to help others identify their source of struggle and work though it. Adi has touched the lives of hundreds of working professionals by awakening their desire for greatness and directing them in their personal and spiritual growth.

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