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Thu, October 10


Kim Ades

Have you ever been in the ZONE? You know... the zone where you are so totally focused and engaged in what you're doing that your productivity is off the charts and 8 hours of intense effort only feels like 15 minutes. The ZONE - where time flies, where work feels like play, where the quality of your output is fierce, and you feel energized after pulling a double shift.

The ZONE is where you are when your actions are completely aligned with your goals. The ZONE is the place where nothing can interfere with your ability to manifest your greatest desires. The ZONE is where you glow and where you show up as your best self.

Getting YOU in the ZONE - that is the purpose behind Frame of Mind Coaching.

Interestingly - getting you in the zone does not mean helping you figure out your goals or designing a plan to help you achieve your goals. It also does not mean holding you accountable to all the actions you need to take in order to make things happen. You know how to design plans on your own - you certainly don't need help doing that. On the contrary, designing plans is easy - it's the execution part that's tricky. Getting in the zone makes it a whole lot easier.

Helping you get into the zone when you need it means finding all of the thoughts, beliefs, perspectives and past experiences that creep into your subconscious and work to hinder your alignment. Moving towards the zone means helping you eliminate those harmful internal thoughts that stand in the way of your success and replacing them with more useful, empowering thoughts.

Here's how we do it. We begin with a 10 week coaching period. There's a call once a week for the 10 weeks. In between each call, there is written dialogue between the coach and the client every single day for the full duration of the coaching experience. The client is given a weekly journaling question to think about and respond to, each and every day of the process. The coach receives this client's daily journals and begins the process of continuous inquiry to uncover the thinking patterns that create the current results that the client is generating - both positive results and negative results. The coach then helps the client to trade in the beliefs that interfere with their ability to get into the ZONE. Once those beliefs are out of the way, the client soars. Just like that.

It's not really rocket science, but the impact of this process is magical. The minute you are able to let go of the thoughts and beliefs that keep you trapped is the minute you are able to step into your greatness. Your goals are really irrelevant and your current reality is just a passing phase. As long as you are free from the shackles of your limiting beliefs, you are prepared to reach any goal you set your mind to.

I invite you to experience this for yourself. Test drive the Frame of Mind Coaching experience by participating in a no-charge six day coaching process where you are assigned to a professional coach who works with you intimately every day for six days. After taking an initial coaching assessment, you will be matched with a coach who will reach out to you for an initial coaching call and set you up for six days of private journaling. During this time, your assigned coach will read and respond to your journals each day and ask you questions that will help to easily identify some of the barriers that are preventing you from moving forward. At the end of the six days, you will have another scheduled call with your coach to review your journals and determine whether or not you'd like to continue in a formal coaching engagement.

There are no hidden agendas - we want you to sign up for coaching with a certified Frame of Mind Coach. We also want you to be sure that coaching with us will ignite the transformation that you are seeking. All it really takes is six days to get a taste of how Frame of Mind Coaching can impact your life.

Are you ready to get into the ZONE?


If Only I Could Dance

Davida Ander

Last week I auditioned for a musical and was delighted when I received a call-back from the director. The catch? The call-back was a dance call - and I can't dance.

There are a few things that come to mind when I think of dancing. First, I see clips from Dirty Dancing, Footloose, Center Stage , and Step Up flash before my eyes. I am hit with images of lovely overhead airlifts, graceful pirouettes and overextended splits.

Then, I picture myself in ballet shoes, swirling across the floor in a dizzy haphazard manner, my toes flexed, legs bent and my spotting nonexistent. Not a pretty sight.

The director's call-back e-mail specified two things:

1) If you are coming in for the intensive dance call: wear comfortable clothes (for movement) and bring water (you will be sweating...a lot).

2) If you feel this dance call will be beyond your comfort level, let us know if you would rather attend the less intensive dance call at 1 pm.

I considered this briefly. Giving up my spot in the advanced call-back would most likely sacrifice my chance of landing one of the lead roles.

I hit the reply button and quickly wrote, "Awesome, I'm in! See you tomorrow at the intensive call-back."

I showed up with a smile on my face the next morning, confident that I could fake my way through the day. I joined the line-up of about 20 girls with hair buns, tight leggings and jazz shoes to await my fate.

"We're just going to do a quick warm-up and then stretching before we begin," the choreographer announced. "By the way, two people threw up at the call-backs last year. But don't let that worry you."

We quickly began our warm-up which consisted of burpies, sprints and an army crawl. Next was stretching which included backbends and splits. Then, we lined up again on the side of the room to dance across the floor.

"We will be observing your technique, your rhythm and your energy level," the choreographer said. "We will not be going over the beginner steps for these moves."

I glanced from side to side. "I can do this," I told myself. "All I have to do is act as though I know what I'm doing. Nobody will know the difference."

I soon found myself leaping and spinning across the floor, doing moves I had never performed, or even heard of before. Between double attitudes, coupés, chaînés, pas de bourrees, piqués, pirouettes and sidekicks, a sinking feeling began expanding in my chest like a balloon.

"What am I doing here?" I thought. "These people have been dancing since they were five. I can't fool anyone."

My confidence evaporated even further when we began the next component of the call-back: the choreographed dance. We were taught a high-level dance and then split into groups to perform it in front of the rest of the dancers.

By the end of the audition, I shrunk out of the room deflated and defeated. A few days later I received an e-mail with the casting results. "We really appreciate you sharing your time with us at auditions and call-backs," the e-mail read. "Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to offer you a performing role in our production."

I knew it. I just knew it.

Over the next few days, I had trouble shaking the feeling of disappointment that overcame me. "If only I could dance..." I kept saying to myself. "I can't believe I thought I could actually make it. Why do I even bother setting my hopes high when they just get smashed?"

I felt emotionally flattened, and my uncertainties soon began bleeding into other areas of my life. "I'm never going to be amazing at anything, I will always be stuck at average," I thought glumly. "Average people don't stand out. I will never be the best at the sports I play, the hobbies I undertake and the work I do."

The more I punched my beaten ego, the worse I felt. As time went by, I realized there wasn't much good in indulging in this self-sabotage. I began looking for other activities to get involved in, but was very cautious about raising my hopes. "Maybe I can take dance lessons so I can make the next musical," I told myself. "Maybe some of the a capella groups are still holding auditions. Maybe I'll find a better opportunity to express myself artistically."

I soon discovered a musical ensemble close to home that was holding an extra set of auditions that week.

Before long, I found myself carrying my squashed ego to this audition, hesitant about what sort of self-ridicule I would be exposing myself to a second time.

At the audition, I sang my heart out and put every ounce of my energy into my performance. "Thanks for coming," the conductor said, when I had finished singing. "We'd like to offer you a spot on the ensemble. You can expect an e-mail of acceptance from us within the next few days."

I left the room smiling.

I learned a few things from the audition process:

1) Push your limits. Seek out new opportunities. Give everything your best shot.

2) Don't be afraid of failure. When you're pushed to the ground, get up and try again.

3) Failure is a stepping stone to success. Don't give up.

4) Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Be kind to yourself.

5) Everyone. Can. Dance.

Client Spotlight With Becca

Frame of Mind Coaching

Today's Client Spotlight: Dr. Becca Buttermore

Career: Optometrist and Owner, Clear Vision Family Eyecare, LLC

Coaching period: One year of coaching with Master Coach Kim Ades

The future: Becca is pursing Frame of Mind Coaching Certification

Why Becca sought out coaching with Frame of Mind Coaching:

I felt like I had gotten stuck. I knew where I wanted to be and I knew where I was. I wanted someone to help me close the gap. There seemed to be a huge disconnect between what was in my head and what I was communicating to people. I felt like effective communication was a stumbling block for me, both professionally and personally. While pursuing the idea of coaching, I interviewed five different coaches who I was matched with on a coaching website. I chose Kim.

I will never forget the first time I spoke with Kim. Towards the end of our conversation I said, "I think I have a communication problem and I want somebody to help me work on it." Kim paused for a moment, then replied, "What if I said to you I don't think you have a communication problem; You have a thinking problem." My immediate thought was, "No way! I know communication is a problem for me." Yet Kim spoke with such passion and conviction, I knew I needed to take the opportunity to find out what she meant.

What was surprising about coaching?

Before starting coaching, I was a little anxious about how hard it would be to fit into my already busy schedule and to complete the 10 weeks successfully. Looking back, I can say it's not hard; Not being coached and remaining stuck is hard!

What Becca learned from coaching:

-The number one thing I came away with is that I'm 100% responsible for my own happiness. Before coaching, I put a lot of effort into trying to make everyone else in my world happy and thinking that this would create my happiness. Kim explained that I was thinking about it all backwards. I now know that the greatest gift I can give others is my own happiness.

-I come to the table with a much different perspective than I used to. I feel like my ability to relate to and understand people has improved dramatically, largely because I understand myself better now. I realize that I am not victim to my circumstances anymore. Even in the face of chaos, I can have control over my thoughts and emotions and that directly affects the results I see. Finding peace amidst chaos is awesome!

-Through the coaching process I have come to realize how close we are to everything that we really want and need. We just have to open our hearts and minds to realize that it's there.

-My greatest pride and success comes from seeing my three boys, aged 3, 8 and 10, confident and happy in their worlds. It has been amazing to share some of the Frame of Mind concepts with them and to watch them apply them in their own experiences.

How did journaling affect your coaching experience?

The insight client journaling provides is phenomenal. It allowed Kim and me to form an incredible relationship. Kim received constant input about who I am and how I work, which allowed her to come to the table more prepared. I don't think most people understand how much they miss out on by relying solely on one or two contacts with their coach each week.

How does journaling affect your life?

Journaling has been a great outlet for me. It helps me set my thoughts down, preventing them from taking up more air-time than they deserve. It helps me reflect on experiences I encounter. It also allows me to remember many of life's little moments that are so very special and significant, but are at risk of being lost or forgotten as life continues to move at warp speed.

Why have you decided to pursue Frame of Mind Coaching Certification?

During one of our coaching calls, Kim and I were talking about my values and what I was looking for in life. She asked, "Have you ever thought about coaching?" Until then, I hadn't. However, I live in a house of all boys, so as you can imagine, we eat, sleep and breathe sports activities. We do coaching for hitting, coaching for pitching, coaching for speed and agility, coaching for this and coaching for that. I really get the value in having a PHENOMENAL coach. Looking back, I realize that I have always been interested in helping other people see and believe in the gifts that they have. Having a coach in life and having learned how to apply the Frame Of Mind principles to my own experiences has been invaluable to me.

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9 pm EST

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Kim will be discussing the importance of mindset and proper coaching en route to achieving extraordinary success. As an entrepreneur, Kim is familiar with the challenges that plague businesses. She will be sharing her experience of the ups and the downs of running a business. Tune in at 9 pm EST.

Steve Vener Tells It Like It Is is a syndicated show heard on two internet stations, and broadcast in CA, FL and NC. Kim will be a guest on the show to talk about increasing your success and happiness through thought management.

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