Travis Richardson Brain Chemistry Assessment

Welcome to the One Whole Health Brain Chemistry Assessment.

As human beings, we are meant to feel good. That is how we are created. It is more and more common to experience emotional distress due to easily correctable malfunction in your brain and body chemistry, These malfunctions are primarily the result of critical, unmet nutritional needs. These deficiencies have you over using food, alcohol, drugs, TV, shopping, internet, etc. in an attempt to feel better. Any relief experienced from these substitutes results in temporary false moods, appetite, weight and energy. By permanently repairing brain chemistry through Neuro Nutrient Therapy, you can find your emotional balance once again. This assessment is the first step toward your recovery.

When completing this assessment, please rate how often or intensely you experience each symptom on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being slightly felt or hardly ever felt and 10 being strongly felt or felt all the time. You should not be concerned if you are choosing 10 for many of the symptoms, as it is common for someone to experience a a deficiency in a combination of brain chemicals.

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